Schriftzug ENDOFIX exo


Passive support arm

A flexible assistance system that opens up new horizons.

Passive support arm for endoscope positioning

  • Progressive and sensitive adjustment at the push of a button
  • A stable and wobble-free image enhances the quality of surgery.

Stable OP field of vision

  • The system provides surgeons with a stable and rocksteady OP field of vision, even in extreme endoscopic positions.
  • The wide scope of movement provides surgeons with full visibility of the OP site - without any restrictions. There is no need to alter one’s customary way of working.

Safe and sterile procedures

  • The stable image allows surgeons to work in a more relaxed manner, maintaining a reliable view of essentials.
  • Even extreme camera positions can be maintained for as long as required, which is a considerable advantage over manual camera control.
  • The front support arm is also autoclavable. The device as such is covered by a sterile single-use drape.

Straightforward docking

  • Docking the system to the operating table is very simple thanks to the quick-coupling device. If conversion is required, the support arm can be uncoupled from the operating table in just a few seconds.
  • After the procedure, the arm is simply hung onto the trolley. The trolley is used for storage and transport of the ENDOFIX exo.

"Not available for sale in the United States"