A robot to operate with voice in Elche

Extract of the article:

"The Hospital del Vinalopó incorporates a robotic arm to make surgical incisions faster and safer for the patient, while relieving the medical staff from work.

It has already been tested in several areas and is expected to expand in the future.

Facilitate the work of the surgeon, automating actions with voice commands and achieve more reliability and speed in surgical interventions. This is the objective of the new robot that the Hospital Universitario del Vinalopó has incorporated into its operating theatres in order to use, initially, in the Thoracic Surgery service directed by Dr. Juan Manuel Córcoles. Specifically, it is a robotic arm that has already been successfully used to perform two lung resections, a pleural biopsy and another lung biopsy.
Thus, this robotic arm has passed the test by far, according to the transfer from the hospital. Its operation is very simple, and like other voice assistants that are already used daily in smart mobile phones or loudspeakers connected to the network, it has several preconfigured actions that are activated by voice commands. The robot has its own name, "Solo", and obeys the instructions given by the surgeon with his voice. This innovative assistive technology improves the precision and safety of laparoscopic interventions. That is, those that are performed through small holes and without having to perform open surgery of large incisions to the patient. The robotic arm works under the orders of the surgeon, who dialogues with the robot while operating. As an example, they explain from the hospital, the doctor can control the intensity of the movement with numbers from one to five..."

Un robot para operar con la voz en Elche