The Chuac is testing a robotic arm that obeys the voice of the surgeon

A team of surgeons at the University Hospital of La Coruña in Spain is being validated in complex operations of digestive cancers using the SOLOASSIST II. The opinions of the surgeons are consistently positive.

Extract of the article:
"José Noguera Aguilar, head of the Chuac General Surgery Service, defines as "a marvel" the technological possibilities that are being opened up in the surgical field with instruments such as the robotic arm, whose cost is twenty times lower than that of a block robot such as the Da Vinci, the reference since the development of this type of state-of-the-art equipment began. "The surgery just a year ago and now have nothing in common anymore." he says."

El Chuac prueba un brazo robótico que obedece la voz del cirujano ...