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Learn all about the benefits
of robotic surgery

Benefits Robotic Surgery

Learn about the benefits of our robotic camera controls and passive support arms.


Benefits for the surgeon


Stable positioning of the endoscope/ exoscope for a steady image

Thanks to their structure, our assistance systems are stable and vibration-free. They do not shake or tilt the horizon, enabling fatigue-free work.

Straightforward and intuitive operation

The human hand is the most precise tool at our disposal. Manual work can be performed intuitively without effort. That is why you control our assistance systems manually.

Precise endoscope positioning

You determine the image yourself. This helps to avoid misunderstandings between surgeon and assistant. The positioning of the endoscope is precise and sensitive.

Unhindered access to the patient site

There are no bothersome components impeding the trocar area. Our assistance systems support the endoscope from above, leaving ample room for your instruments. There is no need to alter your normal workflow.

Ready to operate in just a few minutes

Straightforward and quick set-up and disassembly. Our assistance systems are directly attached on the operating table and covered with a sterile cover while the patient is being prepared for surgery.


Benefits for the clinic


The use of robotic surgery enhances your clinic‘s image

Clinic operators are increasingly faced with competition for patients and qualified personnel from other clinics and hospitals today. Document your leadership in terms of innovation by introducing robotic surgery.

Improving planning efficiency

The AKTORmed Assistance Systems are always available to provide assistance, even outside normal working hours.


The SOLOASSIST is compatible to most common operating tables, endoscopes and exoscopes, thus protecting your investments. The set-up and dismantling can be performed parallel to the usual workflow, not adding to operating time.

Beneficial for training

Being relieved of the tiresome task of having to guide the endoscope, assistant physicians have time to follow their instructors’ explanations more attentively and can thus be integrated as equal and valued team members within a shorter period of time.


Our assistance systems are completely maintenance free. Thanks to a flexible concept of autoclavable components, they are immediately ready for the next surgical intervention. The expenditure for disposable sterile covers is negligible.