Robotic technologies and systems are increasingly gaining ground in the medical sector again. Specifically in the field of surgery, many applications aiming to assist surgeons are being supported by assistance systems more and more frequently. It is not a question of replacing the surgeon but of enhancing his or her skills.

AKTORmed, the German market leader in robotic assistance systems guiding endoscopes in minimally invasive surgery, boasts more than ten years of experience. In this context, our SOLOASSIST II platform sets an industrial benchmark regarding flexibility, functionality and operability. At present, we are addressing interventions in general surgery, urology and gynaecology.

As an innovation-driven company, we cooperate closely with renowned universities to develop new products for further fields of application.

"The Soloassist II is available without additional time and stress in any laparoscopic surgery. It provides a reliable view of the essentials without need to alter a customary way of working.

It is required to stabilize the scope to take image quality specifications including 3D and 4K to the maximum. Then I think that the time will be over when a surgeon hold a laparoscope with their own hands. At the point, I'm convinced that Soloassist II is playing a very important role in a future of laparoscopic surgery."